Raw Land Loans

Building from Scratch

Imagine you're not just a real estate investor but a strategic visionary. You've stumbled upon a piece of untouched land—a pristine canvas for future possibilities. This blank slate has the potential to become a lucrative investment, but it requires more than just a dream; it demands financial support.

This is where raw land loans become your essential partners in realizing your vision. This is what we offer: 

• Loan Amount: $500M - $3MM
• Term: 12 months with an option to extend as needed.
• Loan-to-Value (LTV): 45% (higher under certain circumstances).
• Competitive Rates: 12%-14%
• Points: 2-4 points

With raw land loans, you're not just an investor; you're a shaper of potential. In the world of real estate, raw land loans position you as a forward-thinking strategist, turning an untouched canvas into a dynamic venture that not only holds immense potential but also creates enduring opportunities for growth and prosperity. With these loans, you're not just shaping land; you're shaping the future.

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$500K - $3MM
12 months with an option to extend as needed.
45% (higher under certain circumstances).
2-4 points

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