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1892 Capital operates as a Portfolio Direct Private Capital Lender. The primary benefit of utilizing private capital through 1892 Capital is ease, flexibility, and speed. As a private lender, 1892 Capital can engage in more “high-risk” loans than traditional or non-direct private lenders, and consider collateral over credit.


1892 Capital Partners, LLC is a true collateral lender. While our Loan to Value thresholds, pricing, and structure are typical of other collateral lenders, our Direct Portfolio products are fully customized to our client’s needs.

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We are a broker-friendly firm that wants to work with you! Bring us deals and let’s develop long-term partnership for your upcoming real estate projects!

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Types of loans

Our products are an ideal solution for deals that don’t conform to typical private capital loans, as pricing and structure can vary significantly with customized loan structures.

Loan types:

Land Loans
Development Loans
New Residential Construction Loans
New Multi-Unit Construction Loans
New Commercial and Industrial Loans
Fix and Flip Rehab Loans
Opportunistic and Rescue Bridge Loans

Types of Collateral:

Residential - non-owner occupant only
New Multi-Unit Construction Loans

Our Lending Process

We like to get to know our clients, which means initiating the lending process is as easy as giving us a call. If we’re able to fund your specific transaction, we can give you guidance within minutes. We’ll also follow up by sending over a conditional term sheet, which explains our commitment, clear conditions, and process for closing your loan.

Step 1:

The lending process is as easy as giving us a call.  As a collateral and relationship lender we like to get to know our clients which means getting to know and your specific situation.

Step 2:

Within 10 minutes on the phone we are typically able to give you guidance if we can fund your transaction.

Step 3:

We then email a conditional term sheet indicating our commitment, clear conditions, and close.  

Step 4:

Closing a loan with us is therefore as simple as a phone call!

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Our automated application process makes it easy to get your project details to us quickly to be approved in 72 hours. Contact Us Today.