Your Funding Partner to Face Modern Real Estate Challenges

Investing with the
Community in Mind

1892 Capital Partners, located in the Puget Sound area, is a direct hard money lender focused on assisting real estate builders, brokers, and investors in securing practical investment strategies and customized real estate loans.

Unlike large banks with rigid loan structures, our firm provides tailored financing solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, enabling them to navigate the ever-changing market landscape with ease.

We strive to make a meaningful impact by contributing to community development through investments in businesses and infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the lives of individuals and strengthening local economies.

We are accelerating our lending while others are pausing. As a boutique hard money lender, we’re bridging the gap that regional banks have left in this era of higher interest rates. We’re all about spotting opportunities where credit is needed most and not just following the crowd.

We prioritize clear exit strategies for every project, ensuring you're prepared for the future. We want to leave you in a stronger position, with a rock-solid foundation for continued growth and prosperity. We're not here to create dependency; we're here to EMPOWER you.

As private lending has become more conventional than ever, with regional banks withdrawing or tightening credit, choose someone who wants to be a financial partner to face modern real estate challenges WITH YOU.

Where we lend

Funding the Pacific Northwest

We support community development initiatives in Washington, Utah, and Hawaii, leveraging our expertise in real estate development and financing to promote economic growth and prosperity in these regions.




Our values

We Seek and Pursue New Paths

A legacy of pioneers, inventors, and entrepreneurs lives within us. We are opportunistic, open-minded, resourceful, and agile, but not at the expense of others. We seek new opportunities and creative ways to handle them.

We Build Trust

We are focused on building relationships and trust with stakeholders, including employees, tenants, investors, vendors, and the community. We value relationships over returns and strive to be ethical, genuine, and authentic in all we do. Strong, trusting relationships are instrumental to our success, cultivated through transparency and mutually aligned values.

We Find Joy In The Journey

We have a passion for what we do. While there can be roadblocks, we persevere, see the light in the challenging times, and learn from those challenges. We derive a sense of pride from overcoming obstacles and challenges as a team. Life is challenging. We are grateful for the opportunities and choose to find spirit and fortitude in our journey.

Our team

To us, it’s not just about the bottom line - it’s about making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Meet the people doing that:

Eric Corliss
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Steve Corliss
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Charles Farnsworth
Fund Director
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Bill Schuur
Strategic Risk Advisor
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Polly Hardisty
Senior Operations and Servicing Administrator
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Allison Low
Fund Accountant
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Cyd Hatch
Marketing Manager
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Our programs

1892 Capital Partners offers a range of loan products and services to help real estate professionals achieve their financial goals. Focusing on new and existing assets, including entitled land for development, we offer real estate loans for fix and flip properties, new construction, bridge loans, and land development.

With a focus on flexibility and time-sensitive financing, we are a trusted partner for those seeking to expand their portfolios.


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