Land Loans For Entitlement

Navigating Regulatory Hurdles

Imagine you're on a quest to transform a piece of land into a visionary project. The potential is enormous, but the path forward is laden with bureaucratic hurdles—permits, zoning approvals, and environmental assessments. 

These obstacles can be overwhelming, but you're undeterred.

As you embark on a journey filled with regulatory challenges and entitlement complexities, land loans for entitlement become your guiding light. Picture yourself as the architect of a brighter future, navigating these waters with confidence. Here’s how we support you:

• Loan Amount: $500M - $5MM
• Term: 12 months with an option to extend as needed.
• Loan-to-Value (LTV): 55% (higher under certain circumstances).
• Competitive Rates: 12%-14%
• Points: 2-4 points

When others see red tape, you see an opportunity. Land loans for entitlement position you as a strategic thinker, ready to shape the landscape of tomorrow.

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$500K - $5MM
12 months with an option to extend as needed.
55% (higher under certain circumstances).
2-4 points

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