Fix and Flip loans

Maximizing Property Potential

Imagine yourself as a real estate enthusiast with a sharp eye for hidden gems in the housing market. You're naturally drawn to undervalued properties, the kind that have untapped potential hiding beneath the surface. These properties might seem neglected or forgotten, but you see them as opportunities waiting to be uncovered.

This is where fix and flip loans step in as your indispensable tools for property transformation. Picture yourself as the master renovator, the one who breathes new life into these homes. This is how we can help:

• Loan Amount: $250M - $3MM
• Terms: 4-9 months, with an option to extend as needed.
• Loan-to-Value (LTV): 65%
• Competitive Rates: 12.00%-14.00%
• Points: 2-3 points
• Rehab: 100% of rehab costs may be financed.

With fix and flip loans, you're not just an investor; you're a revitalizer. You have the financial backing to purchase these distressed properties, and more importantly, the resources to transform them into profitable assets.

In the world of real estate, fix and flip loans position you as the expert who turns distressed properties into lucrative assets. You're not just a renovator; you're a visionary, redefining neighborhoods one property at a time. With these loans, you're not just flipping houses; you're reshaping the real estate landscape and maximizing returns on your investments.

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$250K - $3MM
4-9 months, with an option to extend as needed.
2-3 points
100% of rehab costs may be financed.

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