Bridge Loans

Seizing Opportunity

Imagine this scenario: You're at the edge of an opportunity that could redefine your real estate portfolio. The clock is ticking, and traditional lenders are struggling to keep up with your pace. In such a pivotal moment, bridge loans become your strategic advantage.

We offer bridge loans for a wide range of property types and purposes, whether you're seizing an opportunity or in need of a financial rescue. Our most frequent application is for opportunistic acquisitions. 

Bridge loans empower you to act swiftly and decisively. This is what we offer:

• Loan Amount: $1MM - $12MM
• Term: 3-12 months with an option to extend as needed.
• Loan-to-Value (LTV): 65% (higher under certain circumstances).
• Competitive Rates: 12%-14%
• Points: 2-4 points

In the world of real estate, success favors those who can grasp opportunities at the right moment. Our bridge loans position you as a savvy investor, ready to pounce on valuable properties that others might miss.

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$1MM - $12MM
3-12 months with an option to extend as needed.
65% (higher under certain circumstances).
2-4 points

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