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1892 Capital is a local Puget Sound portfolio direct private capital lender that understands how timely and complicated real estate development in the region can be. We provide practical investment strategies and customized investment to local business owners and help them avoid large banks and ridged loan structures.

We are proud to be in association with Corliss, one of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest and highest quality suppliers of building materials and property development projects. Our loan committee and board of directors have worked in the portfolio direct private capital lending for decades and have unprecedented experience navigating the world of commercial development. Beyond our expertise, our commitment to trust and quality has carried us through economic downturns, and we remain invested in helping our clients with their financial needs.

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Charles Farnsworth

Fund Director

Charles Farnsworth is the Fund Director of 1892 Capital Partners, LLC a Washington based private capital lending firm. With more than 25 years of real estate investment, finance, and banking, Mr. Farnsworth directs and manages 1892 Capital Partner’s private lending operations.

After graduating from the University of Puget Sound, Mr. Farnsworth began his career starting a finance company that raised private capital through the issuance of fractionalized deeds of trust. Mr. Farnsworth then spent the next 10 years as a VP in corporate banking and private wealth management with primary responsibility as a debt and liquidity specialist for select portfolio of high-net-worth individuals. Mr. Farnsworth returned to private capital in 2008 and has been directing and managing secured private debt portfolios and real estate investments for select investors and family offices. In 2021 Mr. Farnsworth was asked to join 1892 Capital Partners, LLC as Fund Director to start, manage, direct and grow a real estate debt secured lending portfolio for Corliss Management Group, LLC, a 5th generation real estate focused family office that specializes development and master planned communities.”

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Please call us at 253.592.3452 or send us an email at charlesf@1892capital.com to discuss your financing needs